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When Life Stresses You....Dance It Out! By Laura Beers

Are you stressed out? Do your muscles tighten up like rocks, especially in your shoulders and neck? Do you tend to over eat or not eat at all, catch yourself breathing shallow and overall feel tired all the time? Well, I know the most fun way to de-stress, relax, and actually get energized! How? By dancing! What kind of dancing you might say? It doesn't really matter. Do you realize that the minute you turn on the music and think about what foot to move, you have already changed your whole mental focus which then gives your body a chance to recoup! It's pretty darn hard to think about your problems while trying to think about the music, what steps to do and your partner (if you have one)! That's why Dance is a great escape from the daily chores of life!

There are other healthy alternatives. Why not go to the movies, read a book or take a bath instead? The reason is simple: you are not moving and redirecting your thinking! That is what makes Dance such a stress relief! The mental and physical challenge combined is your one two punch on stress! Stress as we all know is a killer and so why not be pro-active in preventing the problems that come with anxiety by just turning on some music! Dance is for all ages, sizes and types of people, whether you like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, etc., the minute you put your action to music, it becomes a dance. What better way to release your worries while you challenge your brain, tone your muscles, burn some calories, socially meet people and the number one reason-HAVE FUN!

So, stress no more and look into some dancing avenues in your local area. It doesn't have to cost a fortune (community/art centers and bars that just have a cover charge or are free) and you don't always have to have a partner (i.e. line dancing). Feel good: about yourself, your health and your ability to take control of anxiety. Yes, the way you handle stress is a choice-let it tear you down or dance it out instead!

Laura Beers is a Professional Dance Instructor and the Director of The Melbourne Floorplay Dance Club and Swing-N-Sync Dance Team in Florida. Having just survived Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne, she knows all about stress!