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General Policies:

*There will be a $30 charge for any bad check.

*Please turn off all cell phones in class for common courtesy. 

*Please limit your talking to others in class since it is disruptive and disrespectful to everyone.

*Our policy is for you to have fun at our classes/dances/events. We do NOT approve of people with    agendas that solicit you! If this happens, please let us know so that we can rectify it.

*When you are social dancing it is NOT appropriate to try to be helpful and show/teach moves or techniques on the dance floor. The social dance floor is only for lead and follow which is non-verbal communication. If you feel your communication skills need some attention, I am most happy to help you with that. Please contact me.

*It is also acceptable for Ladies to ask the Gentlemen to dance.  Please be respectful of the person asking as they are taking a risk and it should be handled politely. If you have any questions about this, please read some of the Interesting Thoughts I have posted!

*Did you know Perfumed products (lotion, perfume, cologne) get stronger as you get warmer from dance, exercise, etc.? Persons with these Chemical Allergies have a real problem breathing when exposed to this. Please consider NOT wearing perfume to dance functions. Thanks.

*Please consider your hygiene. When you dance you are in someone's personal space so a clean mouth and deodorant with non sweaty clothes are always much appreciated! Too much jewelry, especially rings or bracelets, can get in the way of good leading and following, so please keep this in mind.

Group Lessons Policies:

*All group lessons must be paid for the first night of class by cash, check or credit card with/$3 processing fee for the 6 weeks to get the discount. If this is a problem, please talk to Laura.

*Please check your flyer or under Dance Instruction if a discount is offered for pre-paying!

*There is no credit given for any missed classes and no makeup classes. Laura always reviews what was taught the week before. Normally, if you don't miss more than 2 classes in a row, you can be caught up with the class. If you feel you are too far behind, please talk to her about it. 

*On the rare occasion there isn't enough people pre-registered for a group class, the class will be postponed on a week by week basis until enough people sign up or the class is cancelled. Please keep checking the Dance Calendar for current updates.

*Please arrive on time so that you can warm up. If you are running late, please still come, but be careful when beginning to move as your body and mind needs to adjust to prevent an injury.

Private Lessons Policies:

*Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit with Square (there is a processing credit fee) for payment please. There is a discount for paying for a package of lessons up front, so make sure to ask if you are interested in the discount. On average, it takes 6 hours to learn a strong foundation in one dance.

*Dance shoes or leather soled shoes preferred. No tread! (Socks as a last resort.)

*On a first come, first serve basis and by appointment only.

*24 hour notice for cancellation or you will still be charged! I respect you, please respect me! 

*Any private lesson credits given will expire at the end of the year they were purchased (excluding December or if you have a gift certificate with an expiration date).