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A Dancer's Voice  Laura Beers


Customer Testimonials: Over the years, this has become overwhelming! I am so blessed. Thank you all for the kind words! It is so nice and much appreciated! xo Laura

I thought you were an excellent teacher.  You started with the basics and told us why.  Good foundation. Very professional. Thanks again Deborah

Thank u so much for the classes u have taught me!  Thanks to John as well as Laura. I so much enjoy ballroom dancing and had an especially fun and informative time in ur classes. It has been an honor to know u both and I felt like I learned a lot from ur dance classes! Nidhi

I can not thank you enough for all of your time that you spent with Flower and myself to learn this dance. You had confidence in Me,  when I did not.  Our Wedding day  is a Beautiful Day that I will never forget.  Thank you again for everything that you did to make Our Day so Special. Sincerely, Richard

 I love taking lessons with you thank you for you. Have a great week. Karen

So FloorPlay Melbourne was a blast as usual. Something about this venue just keeps bringing me back and I'm thinking it's the wonderful instructor Laura Beers. what a fantastic and talented lady (Melbourne is a lucky place). They had a great crowd tonight which another reason I love going to Melbourne and always a new face to be seen (and young ones this time - yeah). The lesson was in progress when I arrived and the line of dancers spanned the entire floor. The food is always plentiful and somehow I always come home with Brownies (thanks Laura-they did not last the ride home). The Jack n Jill was fun as well and I'd like to thank Kenny Hall for the great leads I received. It was really nice winning my very first Jack n Jill with such a special man! I also won the 50/50, it was my lucky night tonight!!! All the dancers where fantastic and everyone did very well. Thank you Laura and John for yet another successful FloorPlay adventure. Robin Burnett Dimeo

Please keep me posted, I love your teaching methods. Richard Marim (RIP!)

Thank you for providing us with a nice place to have some fun dancing (new location for Melbourne Floorplay), meet up with old friends and make new ones. My friend from Ct. is looking forward to her next visit to Florida . she wants to be sure it is around the time of your dance. She really enjoyed John's music, and thanks him for playing a good hustle. She really enjoyed dancing with the guys and meeting new people. Her comment to me was they are all a real nice friendly group.Thanks again to both you and John. Carol C

I enjoyed both classes tonight Laura.  While focusing on the technical you still keep it fun. Thank you, to you & John. LP

It was a lovely evening (Floorplay dance), it was almost too much fun to be legal... thanks to you for getting me out there. And, it was double good to be complimented, that prospect was the big reason I'm taking private lessons from you; So, it's our compliment, we must be doing something right. Thank you so much. Michael McIntosh. (RIP!)

Thank you Laura, I truly enjoyed myself. Now I see why everyone speaks so highly of you. You have a wonderful personality and you have a knack for understanding people.Looking forward to my next lesson with joy and optimism. gene

Thank you so much for having Robin in class last night. We've been talking for years about taking lessons together but he was so nervous he wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest of the class. I think last night was the confidence boost he needed. Before he left he kept mentioning "the next time we go dancing" and even about taking regular classes when he's here next year! Thank you so much, Amanda (FIT Student)

I did want to say that I enjoyed the class and appreciated the way you teach. I liked learning a skill, practicing it, and then learning a new one. It was great for someone who had never taken a dance class before. Thanks again for being so patient with me and I hope to see you again in the future. Sheryl F.

Those Cha Cha classes are so much fun.(Cape Canaveral) That is a nice group of people that attend those classes.  I was wondering about the West coast Swing classes on Friday night.  took those classes from you a couple of months ago, however, would like to retake. Do you have openings-it would just be for me? You make dancing fun!!! Cindy D.

Laura, We had a blast !!! We came back to my place and practiced, practiced, practiced!! We'll see you Wed eve. We both plan to do the next four weeks with you and the group. What great fun this will be. Thank you so much for being such a GREAT instructor! Annie

Dennis and I want to thank you for teaching us the beginner west coast swing, now we feel like we can learn to dance. Thanks for your patience during this process, you are a great instructor and most of all we had the best time! We are looking forward to the next class, see you when we get back from Texas. Maria

The video is so nice-I am happy your flash mob turned out so well. I know these kind of events don't happen without a lot of behind the scene efforts and I really appreciate all the time you and John put into it. Organization is always the key and your charts and making sure people knew where to stand, start, etc. was crucial.  I don't know how the other people organize their flash mobs, but yours looked so professional and well done. I am happy that we were part of it and took the time to learn the dance. All the participants were happy when we talked to them and that is a tribute to your ability to organize and make it all happen.  I am sure you feel like you need a vacation right now, but we will see you on Wednesday! ...Paul and I can't believe a short year ago we had no idea how to dance and now we are famous on You Tube!!! Our kids thought it was great. Diane M.

Thanks for the great class last night. What a great introduction to the joys of WCS for Donna, Bill and me. The first thing I did this morning was to see if I remembered those steps!! :) Having had no prior formal dance lessons the three of us were a little nervous for our first class. But you both are so supportive and encouraging!! And so is everyone else in the class! We are looking forward to returning next week. :) Thanks again for making this new experience so much fun!! Barbara :)

I really appreciate being able to take classes with you. Both me and my friend know that you are the best in the county for WCS.  We attended a couple of dances several years ago but with the economy and travel time and work, had to stop. We're looking forward to some private lessons, we want to learn styling along with steps. Thanks so much. Karen S.

So sad to hear about Retro!! Just know how much Andy and I appreciate the two of you! You really got us started and we are a pretty happy dance team now. Much love and hope all goes your way --Kathy

Ian and I had a great time last night! (private lesson) Thanks so much for your guidance.  Dance will be a life long enjoyment for us now. See you next Tuesday. Jeanne

Mark (her husband) showed me the pattern that you taught in class and it is awesome, what's even more neat in my eyes is that I had no idea how to do it, so I couldn't anticipate the moves whatsoever, and he lead me right into the steps, which was just really cool. If I could only do that in class, I think from now on, he has to dance with other women then show me afterwards, because it's just really cool to have him lead me right into the steps with no anticipation. Anyway thank you for being such an easy to understand teacher. You Rock! Thanks, Jonni

I love your friendly, newsy email reminders and continue to be impressed with how much work you put into them. See you soon, Debbie C.

I would like to take your class again. You and your husband are AMAZING teachers! You have my greatest respect. I have never taken any formal training, so I appreciate your knowledge and ability to assess the student and communicate the specific details of the dance on an individual basis. You are doing a great service to bring dance to the "average Joe (or Jane)" in our area. Thank you! Kathy Uvaro

Since we've had only one WCS lesson, could a new person (man) start Tuesday night @ Henegar? Oh, and I loved the class so much that by Thursday night I wished we'd had another class scheduled for Thur. night!! :-) Thank you, TERRI F.

Just wanted to say thank you for the lessons. Even though I have been dancing for years, taking your beginners class did help me. I have had many dance teachers over the years and I want to say you explain the steps very clearly and pay particular attention to details, especially posture, that has a profound effect on how the male partner is able to lead. Tony being a beginner got a lot from your classes. He is a stronger leader and now understands the steps better. Unfortunately we are snow birds, but our next time down I will be contacting you for more lessons. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. Candace

Thank you so much for putting up this website - it is a wonderful asset to Brevard County dance newbies. Heather B.

thank you for the lesson (private), it is always a pleasure to learn from you. Your the best. I really enjoyed it. I did think about what I learned when I danced last night and I was using my arms as you taught me. Will focus each time I go dancing. Take care and I'll be in touchl pat

Yay!! Salsa Class Was really fun I loved it!!! Thank you sooo much and I will see u this Saturday At Julias Party!!! Rachel

We had a great time at the private lesson; Sumner and I both feel you are great instructor. Cecelia

I didn't know what to expect when I walked in that door (Retro Room)...But I had a great time!!! Looking forward to next time, and the future programs available...and the choice of music was just as fun. I'll be back. Thanks, Mark B.

This was my first visit to floorplay and as I live in London I unfortunately wont be around for the October dance. I just want to wish you luck and to tell you that I really enjoyed the evening. Keep up the good work. Regards eileen

I always have a marvelous time at Floor Play! Of course it takes effort to go but the fun sense of play, learning and friendship are more than worth it! And it's great exercise. Kathy Doner, MD

I am pleased at our dancing progress. Despite lack of practice, we have come a long way. You are an excellent teacher. (Foxtrot Private lessons) Alexandra

I don't think I ever told you that I admire your teaching skills. I could see your dance students taking your comments and making the necessary changes in their steps. You are very non judgmental and positive. Nancy M.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you both and the workshop Saturday. I went dancing Sunday night and felt so much more confident with the swing and the waltz. Diane D.

It was great to see you and John again too. I enjoy referring folks to you for dance lessons. It is important when someone is first learning how to dance that they get good quality/detailed dance lessons from the begining for a solid foundation. You are a great teacher and you make the class fun. Teresa B.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience. The experiences I had in your class are priceless. My self esteem has increased tremendously not to mention how much fun I had learning how to Salsa dance. You are a wonderful instructor and woman and I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future.  ...You have laid a good foundation for me to pursue my interest in dance and I thank you for that. I can promise we will be seeing each other again because you have cultivated an interest in me for Ballroom dancing! You've got my attention!!!!! Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. Sincerely, Donna

I really had fun Friday. Your students are the most sociable of all dancing groups, I think.(Melbourne Floorplay dance) I love your title, "Walk in, Dance out"--it's just perfect.(Workshops) I'll be seeing you back at Retro in a few weeks. You looked great Friday! Tell John I really enjoyed his playlist. Heather E.

.She's a really great teacher, and teaches you the technique in easy-to understand ways. And if you don't understand something, as long as you try and ask about it, she is very willing to work with you to help you figure out what you are having trouble with. Beaner

Hey Laura and John, I just wanted to let you know that Whitney and I had a really great time during the last class. I felt encouraged because I feel as if I am learning the first basics. For me, that is a great accomplishment and it is so much fun. You both are wonderful and patient dance teachers. Thanks so much! Joyce C.

Thank you for all you both have taught me...I am having a blast with dance. Hugs, Weda

To My Favorite Dance Instructor! (a bouquet of flowers) Gratefully your student, Trish V.

I just wanted to drop you a few electrons to tell you how much I enjoyed last night's class. Even though it was warm and smoky, the music was great and you both did a wonderful job of teaching. I feel that you got the mix just right of reinforcing the steps and introducing new material. I felt like I had learned a lot. I also got to dance with some lovely ladies. Bonus! Tim S.

Laura, thanks for helping me. I can't believe how many things from before fell into place last night in what you were demonstrating and explaining. Elaine J.


......your lessons were excellent. Chuck and Candy

I have been dancing for over 8 years and have taken classes from basic to advanced from many different instructors. Laura breaks down each dance move into easy to remember segments. Laura is the only instructor I have had that combines teaching the proper steps, stopping bad habits, AND techinque all during one session. It's like getting three classes in one. Paul E.

Your class was a lot of fun last night! I like the small venue (Retro Room), which seems non-threatening and like a date as well as a lesson. The music was great, too! Heather E.

Thank you for being a great instructor! I've learned so much from you. Bev.

Just wanted to thank you both for the time you spend teaching me. I learn a lot from both of you and thoroughly enjoy the lessons with you. I think you are both excellent teachers and have a lot to offer anyone who wants to learn how to dance. I am telling anybody who shows an interest in dancing about you. Linda S.

...And thanks so much for all the patience you show us in class. We are having so much fun! Tricia & Jason

...I told her about you and John. ....You are always so friendly and helpful. Thanks Vonda G.

What a wonderful party and nice group of people. I think we all feel so comfortable! And that's because you and John make it that way. Jane T.