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Dare to Dance Author Unknown

Most men haven’t learned that dancing is a sure fire way to women's hearts. It doesn't matter what physical appearance a man has, be he ugly, muscle bound, bandy-legged or bird-bodied. If he can dance, women will automatically attach endearing qualities to his nature that he never imagined. The man of a woman's dreams dances. Women have never been self-conscious about dancing, they almost always know how. Where were the boys all the time the girls were learning to dance? We may never know, but now is the time to catch up. It takes courage for a man to learn to dance, but once he has learned, he can practically have his pick of women in the room. He no longer has to stand fearfully with his pals along the wall or bar. No more standing in one spot and swaying in poor imitation of dance. This, then, is the time for a dancing man to get close to women he formerly felt were out of his league, the beauties he always wanted to approach. Never again will a woman be out of his reach. A man who dances is always in demand. At parties, on cruises, at business functions. A man who dances can gain credibility with this skill alone. If you can do more than just imagine all of the above, be one of the brave, the few - join in the dance.

(As appeared in Recreation News of Washington, D.C., April 1988)